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Executive and Board Positions

President and Chief Executive Officer, Offtoa, Inc.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Undisclosed Company
President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Omni-Vista, Inc.
Acting Vice President, Marketing, Omni-Vista, Inc.
Founding Director, Requisite, Inc.
Member, Board of Directors, GreenGold Lubricants, LLC (2011-2012)
General Partner and Founding Member, Board of Advisors, Catalyst InfoTech Development Fund, L.P.
Vice President, BTG, Inc.
President, The Davis Company (1991-1998; 2002-present)

Middle Management Positions

Director, Common Systems Development, GTE Communications Systems 
Director, Software Technology Center, GTE Laboratories

Academic Experience

Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business, University of Colorado Executive MBA Program, Denver
Professor of Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
European Union Erasmus Mundus Professor, Universidad Polit
écnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain (Summers 2009 and 2011)
Fulbright Scholar of Business and Economics, Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia (Fall 2007)
Visiting Professor of Software Engineering,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain (Summer 2006)
Fulbright Scholar of Information and Computer Technology, University of Jos, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria (Summer 2005)
Visiting Scholar of Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 2004-2008 (Summers 2004 and 2005)
Volunteer Professor of Information Systems, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa (Fall 2003)
El Pomar Chair in Software Engineering, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Professor of Computer Science, George Mason University
Professor of Information & Software Systems Engineering, George Mason University
Acting Chair of Computer Science, George Mason University
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Tennessee (1975-1977)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Illinois (1975)

Public Speaking

Delivered lectures 2,000+ times in 27 states of the USA and 28 countries (See details here and here).


Author of eight books.

Author of 60+ journal and conference publications, and 50+ published essays and editorials.


Recipient of 40 awards.

Over 4,600 citations in professional literature.


Timeline of My Career


2012-present: Offtoa, Inc., Westminster, Colorado
 President and CEO

A 2012 start-up, Offtoa (as in "off to a great start") provides an internet-based service that assists entrepreneurs in crafting their business strategies to optimize financial returns for themselves and their investors.

2006-present: University of Colorado, Denver, Executive MBA Program
 Professor of Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship (2006-2015)
 Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business (2015-present) 
 Academic Chair (2009-2011)

Prior to 2015, he taught two courses in the executive MBA program, a program that attracts the best faculty of all three CU campuses: business strategy and entrepreneurship. Since mid-2015, he continues to teach entrepreneurship and now leads an international business trip as well.

1991-2015: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
 Professor of Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship (2005-2015)
 Professor of Information Systems 
 Professor of Computer Science 
 El Pomar Chair of Software Engineering 
 Director, Center for Software Systems Engineering 

As a faculty member, Dr. Davis taught courses and performed research. From 2005 to 2015, he emphasized entrepreneurship and business strategy in his teaching; and business strategy, entrepreneurship, requirements management, new product planning, and value creation in his research. He also spent considerable time promoting economic development in Colorado by assisting entrepreneurs in creating and managing new companies. He chaired the committee to establish the master’s degree in software systems engineering. He also acquired over $1.6M in grants.

2010-2011: Undisclosed Company, Colorado Springs, Colorado
 President and CEO

A 2009 start-up, this company enabled consumers to direct a percentage of their on-line purchases to their favorite charity, at no cost to them. Most on-line merchants already pay referral (aka affiliate marketing) fees to third parties. The company used proprietary software to direct those fees to the company, and then it passed most on to the consumers' charities. During the 8 months in this position, he extricated the company from a long list of legal and IP entanglements, focused the company on just one rather than three businesses, created equity and financial plans, and created internal processes for product development, customer interface, and merchant management.

Omni-Vista, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado
 Chairman and CEO (1998-2002)
 President (1998-2001)
 Acting Vice President, Marketing (1999-2000)

Omni-Vista was dedicated to helping companies prevent software management disasters through innovative products and services centered around product planning and requirements management. The tools assisted companies in balancing their desired product features with a target market window and available R&D dollars. Such complex, multi-dimensional problems were previously solved only by “gut” or “instinct” of decision-makers. Omni-Vista raised $2.5M in five rounds of private placements, released three products (called Omni-Vista SP, OnYourMark and OnYourMark Pro). At its peak, the company had 150+ customers and 14 employees. 

The assets of Omni-Vista were sold in mid-2002.

1995-2000: Catalyst InfoTech Development Fund, L.P, Colorado Springs, Colorado
 Non-Managing General Partner  (1995-2002)
 Member, Investment Advisory Board  (1995-2002)

In addition to being a general partner of this venture capital company, Dr. Davis served on the board that assessed candidate portfolio companies, and made investment recommendations to the managing general partners.

The assets of this company were distributed to the general and limited partners in 2002.

1995-1997: Requisite, Inc., Boulder, Colorado
 Founding Director

Al was a member of the Board of Directors throughout the life of Requisite, Inc., a start-up focused on providing innovative software tools to support requirements management.

Requisite was acquired by Rational Software Corp. in 1997 and IBM in 2003

1989-1991: George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
 Professor of Information and Software Systems Engineering (1989-1991)
 Professor of Computer Science (1990-1991)
 Acting Chair, Department of Computer Science (1990-1991)

As a faculty member in two departments, Dr. Davis taught graduate level courses, performed research, and worked on research grants in software systems engineering.  During his 2.5 years at GMU, he was awarded four grants (two U.S. Army, Sun Microsystems, and Digital Equipment Corporation) totaling $660,000. He was also instrumental in reshaping the master’s degree in software systems engineering.

As chair of the department of computer science, Dr. Davis was responsible for administration, planning, scheduling, and personnel management of the 18-faculty member department.

1984-1991: BTG, Inc.Vienna, Virginia
 Vice President, Engineering Services (1984-1986)
 Vice President, Director of Research (1986-1987)
 Vice President, Engineering Technology (1987-1988)
 Internal Consultant (1988-1991)

As Vice President of the two divisions, Dr. Davis was responsible for all financial, technical, administrative, marketing, and planning aspects of BTG's $4M annual services business. Business included systems engineering, configuration management, program management support, consulting, training, and software engineering research. During this time, Dr. Davis:

  • Submitted eighteen new proposals totaling $26M

  • Won 10 new contracts in configuration management, training, and software technology

  • Program manager for training courses for the Naval Surface Warfare Center and the U.S. Army Computer Science School

As Director of Research, Dr. Davis reported to the President of BTG and was responsible for all aspects of corporate research: writing proposals, participating in Independent Research and Development (IRAD) funding decisions, performing research, publishing and consulting. 

As internal consultant to the President of BTG, Inc., Dr. Davis performed a wide variety of assignments including writing speeches, performing joint research with BTG staff members, teaching internal classes, and performing management and technical consulting on an as-needed basis.

BTG was acquired by Titan, Inc. in 2002 and L-3 Communications in 2007.

1983-1984: GTE Communication Systems, Phoenix, Arizona
 Director, Common Systems Development

As Director of the Common Systems Development (CSD) Department, Dr. Davis had responsibility for half of all product development in GTE Communication Systems. This included digital hardware, operating systems, and systems diagnostics and recovery for all central office and PABX switching systems. CSD had a budget of over $16 million and employed 150 people. 

GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in 2000 to create Verizon.

1977-1983: GTE Laboratories, Waltham, Massachusetts
 Member of Technical Staff (1977-1978)
 Manager, Software Engineering Department (1978-1981)
 Director, Software Technology Center (1981-1983)

As member of technical staff, Dr. Davis developed tools for automation of software development.

As department manager, Dr. Davis was responsible for all aspects of software R&D and computer-aided design (CAD) R&D functions of GTE Laboratories.  The Department created automated tools and techniques for development of software and integrated circuits throughout GTE Corporation. Under his leadership, the department grew from 10 to 40 people.

As Director of Software Technology with an annual budget of $3 million, Dr. Davis directed 45 professionals exploring techniques to automate software and hardware development.  He was responsible for long-term strategic planning in software for GTE. He also served as

  • Chair of task force to analyze major GTE subsidiary to determine reasons for reduced profits; and to recommend how to improve productivity, sales, and profits

  • Liaison to two GTE divisions: Telecomunicazioni (Milan) and Automatic Electric; responsible for technology transfer of telecommunications, materials, software, and components.

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